Crotched Mountain produces publications for a variety of audiences, including our annual report, our donor newsletter called Horizons, and e-newsletters for our Specialty Hospital and our School. We encourage you to download and sign up for publications that interest you.


Annual Reports

Readers will find informative stories, financial information, donor information and a letter from our president in each edition of our annual report.


2015 Annual Report

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  • President's Letter: Why We Do What We Do
  • Coming of Age
  • A Portrait of Tenacity, Courage and Love
  • Snapshots
  • Philanthropy and Financial Report


2014 Annual Report

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  • President's Letter: Support through Life's Most Difficult Journeys
  • Enjoyment is Good Medicine
  • Joe's Got People
  • Noteworthy Activities
  • Philanthropy and Financial Report


2013 Annual Report

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  • President's Letter: Investing in the Future Starts Today
  • The First Decade: Rehabilitation
  • The Second Decade: Education
  • The Third Decade: Accessible Living
  • The Fourth Decade: Community Life
  • The Fifth Decade: Treatment and Recovery
  • The Sixth Decade: Recreation 


2012 Annual Report

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  • President's Letter: Taking the Long View
  • High-Quality Care Means High Quality Life
  • See. Hear. Touch. Speak – Audrey’s Path to Communication
  • Meet Phyllis Watson


2011 Annual Report PDF

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  • President's Letter: Hands-on Learning
  • Hiking Trails for Everyone
  • Hitting the Trails 



Published three times a year, this seven-page, full color magazine features human interest stories about the people and programs of Crotched Mountain.

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Newsletter for Schools

Our school newsletter is emailed to special education professionals, state child protection agencies and advocates. The stories are written specifically for a professional audience, but students’ families may also find the stories helpful when researching special education schools.


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Newsletter for Hospitals

Our Specialty Hospital newsletter is emailed to referring health care professionals including physicians, specialists, nurses, therapists, case managers and insurance companies. The stories are written specifically for a professional audience, but patients and families may also find the stories helpful when choosing a rehabilitation hospital. Sign up to receive this newsletter.


  • March 2014: Dana's Journey to her New Life Download PDF  
  • January 2013: Improving Life, One Breath at a Time Download PDF 
  • June 2012: Treating wounds, Healing People Download PDF 
  • March 2012: Pediatric Rehabilitation - The Role of Play, Parents and Professionals in Healing Download PDF 
  • Nov 2011: Addressing The Whole Person In Rehabilitation Download PDF 


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The View from Crotched Mountain is a podcast series featuring topics of interest to people with disabilities and their families.


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Campus Sustainability 

Learn more about the sustainable practices at Crotched Mountain.


Wood Chip Plant 


People First Language

Your words matter. We encourage journalists and bloggers (and all individuals) to use people-first language. Following the guidelines in this PDF when you write and speak about people with disabilities helps to paint an objective picture and eliminate stereotypes and assumptions by focusing on the person rather than the disability.


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