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An Evolution of Distinction

Crotched Mountain’s history is one of continual evolution in response to the changing needs of people with disabilities. In 1953 Crotched Mountain opened as a rehabilitation center serving children with polio. By 1955, the School for the Deaf was inaugurated and ran for nearly 25 years. Today, we operate a 62-bed Specialty Hospital that provides rehabilitation for people with brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, ventilator dependency and more. And our special education school serves children with severe autism, emotional and behavioral disorders and medically complex conditions. We provide a full complement of educational, rehabilitative, residential, assistive technology, care management and accessible recreation services – and the offerings continue to grow. As the needs of people with disabilities change, Crotched Mountain is ready to respond with the highest quality programs and services in New England and beyond.  



Group of citizens meet at the Public Service Company offices in Manchester, NH to organize the NH Society for Crippled Children — supports regional clinics conducted by the state's first orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Ezra A. Jones.



  • Society incorporates as a non-profit organization.
  • Hires first executive secretary, Jay Corliss.



  • Full-time office opens at the Community Council headquarters in Nashua, NH.
  • Society successfully petitions state legislature to appropriate increased funding for crippled children.



NH State Legislature passes society-sponsored bill providing basic education for physically handicapped, paving way for other states.



Name changes to NH Society for Crippled Children and Handicapped Persons upon merging with NH Foundation for the Deaf.



  • Vision of a restoration hospital for crippled children gains momentum with purchase of 600-acre Russell Farm on Crotched Mountain in Greenfield, NH.
  • Society opens training center and store in Manchester, NH, the beginnings of what would become the Easter Seal Society of NH.



  • The Kiwanis Club and society open rehabilitation center in Portsmouth, NH.
  • Society also starts brace shop in Hooksett, NH, now independently operated as New England Brace Co.
  • First major contribution toward building the Children's Center at Crotched Mountain is received from NH philanthropist, Sceva Speare.


Initial building fund completed and $1 million endowment campaign begins to support the future Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center (CMRC).



Main buildings of Children's Center constructed.



Catherwood Physical Medical Wing added. Famed illustrators Elizabeth Orton Jones and Nora Unwin design dormitory murals.



  • CMRC opens its 40-bed Children's Center, initially serving local children in need of polio-related treatment.
  • Society renamed Crotched Mountain Foundation.


Carter Memorial Meeting House built at CMRC, providing space for public education and community activities.



CMRC opens School for the Deaf; oral instruction taught for nearly 25 years.



  • Gymnasium and chapel added to CMRC, starting the therapeutic recreation and chaplaincy programs.
  • Clinical program for nurses begins.



CMRC opens new Adult Center, offering vocational and residential services.



School of Special Education, serving children with multiple disabilities as well as learning disorders, and Audiology Clinic open at CMRC.



Boston meteorologist Don Kent begins featuring Crotched Mountain students on his broadcasts.



Crotched Mountain hosts first annual New England Wheelchair Games.



Driver Education and Early Intervention programs begin.



Crotched Mountain's Mobile Vocational Assessment Laboratory brings evaluation services to communities throughout NH.



  • First annual Antique Auto Show hosted, a tradition that continues for more than a decade.
  • Ailsa Mellon Bruce Medical Wing, The Cedars staff residence and the Clark Grandchildren Playgrounds is dedicated at CMRC.


  • Founder, Harry Alan Gregg dies at the age of 88.
  • School for the Deaf and School of Special Education unified as the Crotched Mountain School.


Horticultural Center built at CMRC, featuring a wheelchair-accessible greenhouse.



Onsite dental clinic opens at CMRC.



  • First electricity wind farm in country built on Crotched Mountain; a three-year pilot project.
  • CMRC becomes one of first employers in region to offer onsite day care.



Courtyard Apartments open in Manchester, NH.



Crotched Mountain Residential Services opens in Derry, NH, supporting adults with developmental disabilities.



  • Foster Grandparent Program of Southwestern NH affiliates with Crotched Mountain.
  • CMRC's Adult Acquired Brain Injury Program established.



CMCC extends into northern NH for a four-year period as a co-sponsor of the North Country Alzheimer's Partnership with the Tri-County Community Action Program.



James E. Chandler Pool Complex, equipped with hydraulic floors that can raise or lower to any depth, and Fox Meadow Apartments are dedicated at CMRC.



Diesel co-generator installed at CMRC, significantly reducing the cost of electricity and the risk of outages.



Library and Media Center opens at CMRC, making possible barrier-free access to information.



CMCC extends services to Maine for three-year period.



  • Forest Avenue Apartments open in Portland, ME.
  • School Partnership Program begins supporting special education professionals in local public schools.
  • Foundation launches web site. 


  • Crotched Mountain Community Options begins home-based services for NH adults with acquired brain injuries.
  • Sunday Morning News Hour debuts on WNHQ-FM; one of the few radio reading services in the country broadcast over a commercial station.


  • McIntyre School Apartments open in Whitefield, NH.
  • Crotched Mountain Community Partnership begins home-based services for adults with acquired brain injuries living in the Albany, NY area.


Greenbush Village Apartments open in East Greenbush, NY.



CMRC's 62-bed specialty hospital is transformed into a home away from home for children and adults with disabilities.



  • Fully-accessible playground dedicated.
  • Employees adopt Workplace Values statement.


Outpatient Services and Video Conference Center grand openings.



Donald Shumway succeeds Major Wheelock as president of Crotched Mountain.



CMRC celebrates 50th anniversary.



First wheelchair accessible treehouse in New Hampshire dedicated.



Campus Master Plan completed detailing strategies for building communities of mutual support.



Open Source home grand opening.




Cedar's Point, a residential treatment model for youth with severe emotional and behavioral challenges, opens.



Croched Mountain Specialty Hospital receives accreditation through DNV Healthcare, Inc., an organization that takes accreditation to the next level of excellence by emphasizing continual quality improvement, innovation and best practices to help ensure the highest standards of patient care and safety. 


  • Crotched Mountain opens the nation's first wheelchair accesible hiking trails in a mountain-side environment.
  • Crotched Mountain opens a ventilator unit in the Specialty Hospital providing vent management, vent weaning and respite.
  • Crotched Mountain launches Ready, Set, Connect!, an Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment program for preschoolers and young children.

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