Stroke Rehabilitation


Facing Challenges, Regaining Lives 

At Crotched Mountain, our stroke rehabilitation team is dedicated to helping patients return to their lives with as much function, dignity and purpose as possible. We provide acute and subacute rehabilitation with transition to skilled rehabilitation for stroke survivors - from young adults through age 65. 


Our team works with patients who have had strokes to improve a range of functional areas including cognitive abilities, gross and fine motor skills, communication skills and swallowing skills. Our goal is to help patients and their families prepare for the return to home and community as quickly as possible. This transition process includes identifying the supports and services needed after discharge - including assistive technologies, home modifications, outpatient rehabilitation, recreational activities and support groups.


Medical and Therapeutic Team for Stroke

Our expert interdisciplinary treatment team for stroke patients comprises the full range of caring, highly skilled physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, psychologists and other rehabilitation specialists needed to optimize our patients’ wellbeing. The qualifications they’ve earned in their fields of specialization for treating patients with stroke are second to none.


  • Board Certified Physiatrist
  • Certified Stroke Specialists
  • Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses
  • Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurses
  • Credentialed in Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Certified Wound Care Specialists
  • Certified Respiratory Therapists


Why Choose Us?

Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital is a leader in providing inpatient, outpatient and community-based support services to adults and children with neurological disorders, including stroke. Learn more about our expertise, resources and outcomes:


  • Seamless continuum of care - provides a uniformly rewarding patient and family experience at every stage of inpatient treatment and beyond – from acute, sub-acute, and skilled inpatient services to outpatient therapies, residential services and community-based care.
  • Expert interdisciplinary treatment team - combines best practices and innovative approaches with strong patient and family relationships to enhance healing.
  • Patient-centered planning and support - begins upon admission and ensures that supports are in place for patients to successfully participate in home, work, school and favorite recreational activities upon discharge.
  • Continuous quality improvement – promotes a culture focused on achieving the highest standards of patient care through quality management and improvement systems that address patient safety and quality of services.
  • Therapeutic treatment environment - unites evidence based practices, the latest technologies, and the resources of a 60-year rehabilitation history in a therapeutic mountainside environment.
  • Proven measures of quality and success – assures patients and their families that they are receiving the most competent and transformative rehabilitation possible.
  • Specialized resources for recovery support rehabilitation through the latest technologies including the MOTOmed® FES therapy bike, SaeboFlex® system, Interactive Metronome®, Medical Botox® and Partial Body weight support system.


Contact us to learn how our services can help with stroke rehabilitation:  

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