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Your Case Manager

Upon admission to Crotched Mountain Specialty Hospital, our case managers help families and patients envision and prepare for their new life after recovery. An important step in that process is creating a patient-centered care plan. Our goal is to help our patients return home with all the knowledge, skills and supports needed to live life fully.


To reach that objective, our case managers develop close relationships with patients and families and include them in every step of the process as a valued team member. First, we learn as much as possible about the person within. "What was the patient like before? At school or work? As a family member? What’s their idea of fun? What are their professional goals? Their personal aspirations?" Then, we stay in close touch with our medical and rehabilitative staff to monitor progress and adjust the care plan with family and patient input. Together, we uncover the supports and services that will be needed for a successful return home. 


Whether a patient needs home modifications, outpatient rehabilitation, in-home medical supports or training to return to work, our case managers help families secure these important resources prior to discharge.  

To refer a patient please contact:
Nurse Referral Coordinator
603.547.3311, ext. 2010

Fax: 603.547.2431 

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