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The Center for Medical Home Improvement (CMHI) promotes high quality primary care in the medical home and secures health policy changes critical to the future of primary care. CMHI is affiliated with Crotched Mountain and was founded in 1993 by Dr. W. Carl Cooley, medical director and Jeanne W. McAllister, B.S.N., M.S., M.H.A., director.


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What Is a Medical Home?

The term Medical Home represents THE standard of excellence for pediatric and adult primary care in the 21st Century. And CMHI defines the medical home as a community-based primary care setting that provides and coordinates high-quality, planned, family-centered health promotion, acute illness care and chronic condition management.


What Does CHMI Do?

CMHI seeks and uses local and national resources to:

  • Build and spread awareness of the medical home model of primary care 
  • Develop supports for primary care practices to improve their "medical homeness" 
  • Use tools and guidance to coach and provide technical assistance for individual practices to entire networks 
  • Seek to align state and national efforts towards a comprehensive investment in the future of primary care


For More Information

CMHI provides an e-library of resources supporting practices, patients, families, consumers, and researchers to learn, build, and/or improve their medical home.


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