Assistive Technology

Asst Technology 


Turning on the lights. Using the computer mouse. Typing. Operating a microwave. When completing everyday tasks like these at home, work or school is difficult because of a disability or the aging process, assistive technologies can help. Our team of experienced physical and occupational therapists evaluate and identify solutions so that people of all abilities can participate fully in life’s activities. Each evaluation considers the individual’s goals as well as their physical and cognitive abilities. And recommendations may include environmental modifications, specialized technologies, computer hardware or software solutions that promote access to education, employment and the community. We also provide school-based assessments to improve student access to classrooms and the curriculum.


Benefits of Assistive Technology

Through assistive technology solutions, individuals of all ages and abilities can improve their:


  • Access to information and services
  • Access to community activities
  • Access to leisure activities
  • Access to the academic curriculum
  • Ability to use computers and other technologies
  • Ability to demonstrate knowledge
  • Ability to use typical home appliances
  • Opportunities for work and vocational experiences


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