Wellness Therapies 

Rehabilitation Therapies Reinforce New Skills

At Crotched Mountain School, therapy is woven into the fabric of daily life. Experienced therapists and clinical practitioners work in concert with our teachers and residential staff to integrate the therapeutic supports outlined in each student’s individualized education program (IEP) into as many activities as possible. The skills gained through formal therapy sessions are reinforced through every activity a student experiences, from classroom studies to vocational exploration, from recreational pursuits to community activities and everything in-between. This transdisciplinary approach helps ensure that each day is filled with opportunities for students to challenge themselves and expand their skills in a fully supportive environment.

Our treatment team comprises the full range of caring, highly skilled physicians, clinicians and therapists needed to optimize therapeutic outcomes in these disciplines:


  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Recreation therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Psychology
  • Psychiatry


Rehabilitation for the Real World

Formal therapy takes place in our spacious and well-equipped therapy rooms and gyms. But therapists also join students in the classroom, in the residences, at the pool, on the farm, in vocational settings and in the community. This flexibility allows our rehabilitation staff to teach and model in a functional environment, and determine the most effective venue for each child. The specialized resources of our 1,400 acre campus include:



Addressing Communication Disorders

Communication is the foundation for relationship building, and when students can communicate and express themselves, an increase in independence and self-advocacy skills becomes possible. The speech-language pathologists (SLP), therapists and educators at CM School are experts in helping students break through communication barriers and get turned on to learning. They help students with communication needs to express themselves and understand others to their highest potential through therapies and, when appropriate, Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) systems. Our SLPs are skilled in the latest AAC systems, devices and apps including Picture Exchange Communication Systems, AAC devices, iPads with specialized apps, high-tech eye gaze technology and more. They work closely with major AAC device manufacturers to help ensure a successful outcome.


Positive Behavioral Supports Build Trust

Behaviors – both positive and negative – often communicate a message to others. When people engage in problematic behaviors, they may be trying to express feelings, unmet needs and frustrations. The psychologists, therapists and educators at CM School specialize in creating the environment and supports necessary to help students learn how to choose positive approaches to accomplish their goals, rather than choosing problem behaviors. Our highly trained psychologists conduct functional behavioral assessments and develop positive behavioral support plans that follow best practices in behavior intervention and support IEP goals. They work closely with students and train all school staff, including educators, therapists and residential counselors to implement the plan in a team approach. Our psychologists monitor the results and modify the plans to help ensure success.


Assistive Technology Enhances Learning

Crotched Mountain School's onsite Assistive Device Center works in tandem with our therapists to develop solutions to the multiple challenges students face. Our certified assistive technology experts assess students' needs, recommend products and create custom solutions. Through these supports, we position students to learn and to maximize the benefits of their therapies. Our offerings include:


  • Individualized therapeutic seating
  • Voice-activated and switched environmental controls
  • Manual and powered mobility tools
  • Daily living supports for improved access and safety
  • Timely onsite equipment repair


For more information about how Crotched Mountain School supports each student’s therapeutic needs, please contact: 

Director of Admissions 
603.547.3311 ext. 1894  

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