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Sustaining Uncompromising Excellence

The philanthropic support that Crotched Mountain has witnessed since its founding in 1953 has enabled us to build and maintain an extraordinary campus while sustaining uncompromising excellence in our programs. Annual and capital gifts, including those to our endowment and from individual estate plans continue to play a real and important role in building our communities, restoring hope and charting new ground. Philanthropy takes on many forms but, in the end, it has, and continues to have, a lasting impact on the lives of the children and adults we serve.


Annual or Capital Gifts: What is the Difference?

Annual and Capital gifts each play distinct and important roles in the life of Crotched Mountain.  


An Annual Fund seeks unrestricted gifts each year for support of the general purposes of Crotched Mountain. These gifts are therefore an investment in the organization's current people and programs.

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Gifts to a Capital effort are used to increase or improve the organization’s buildings or endowment. Capital gifts represent an investment in Crotched Mountain’s future people and programs.

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Charitable Gift Planning

At various stages of our lives, we all deal with different issues, financial and otherwise. Find the right gift at any stage of life.

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Special Events

Learn how you can support Crotched Mountain by sponsoring, participating in and volunteering at our special events.

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Like any responsible family or thriving business, Crotched Mountain invests prudently in its future while spending wisely on current people and programs. 

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