Vision and Hearing

Vision and Hearing 


Crotched Mountain ATECH Services provides New Hampshire schools with educational consultation services to ensure that students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or deafblind have access to the general curriculum. Our consultants assist school teams by providing specialized expertise in the areas of communication, technology and implementation of individualized accommodations.


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We provide professional services specific to the needs of each student by:


  • Helping teachers and case managers to accurately understand a student’s hearing or vision loss, its impact on language, literacy and social development, and the necessity of appropriate accommodations
  • Observing students to make sure accommodations are being utilized and addressing any concerns or questions related to their hearing or vision loss or accommodations
  • Attending meetings: 504, IEP, Transition and Evaluation (required). Please invite us!
  • Assisting in completing paperwork, especially present levels, special factors, assistive technology, accommodations, modifications and additional services related to a student’s hearing or vision loss
  • Training or reviewing with staff the best use and checking assistive technology as required under IDEA
  • Helping maintain, repair and order hearing and vision assistive technology as needed
  • Working with audiology and vision professionals and families to obtain and interpret medical records
  • Working with speech staff or counselor to help develop self-advocacy skills
  • Providing peer workshops on safety, guidelines and assistive technology that will be used in the classroom
  • Providing additional tutoring as noted in a student’s IEP
  • Assisting with students who have new or suspected hearing or vision loss


Meet Our Professionals

Our consultants are certified, highly qualified and experienced teachers of students who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, visually impaired or deafblind. Their goal is to provide the information, tools and training needed to create an accessible learning environment and a successful school year. 

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Workshops and Training

Crotched Mountain ATECH Services offers a variety of workshops, community education and other training sessions for professionals, families and the public.

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To request our vision and hearing services, contact us today at 603.226.2900 or  

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